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Maricelli Rodriguez, PR

I got my copy yesterday. I started reading it and could not stop!! Jiji poured out her soul writing this book! Her story is very moving, touching and inspirational. It is an example of courage and that despite all struggles and pain you can find your way back to your core and soul, to self-care and love.


If you have not yet ordered it.. what are you waiting for?? You will not be disappointed. 


Love you Jiji!!

Siani Carter, NJ

Being a woman can look different for so many people! Being able to read something that helps you realize we all have our own stories is so humbling. As I was reading this story you can’t help but feel strong and able bodied. Knowing there are other woman who conquered and over came is important. Being able to relate and understand is important. Thank you for sharing your story and continuing to show us we are resilient and always able to learn. Finding My Way Back To Jiji was such a great read! 🥰

Chaylyn Ubiera, NJ

With each chapter, this book makes you enter a story full of emotions.  Where it makes you reflect on decisions, actions and their consequences. But at the same time she is showing you the learning of each one of them. In each word read you can feel the feelings of the writer which were and were captured with each detail explained to perfection. Where you want to know more. It is to be admired how the writer let her skin feel every feeling she experienced during each of her chapters. It is admirable because you have to have a lot of courage to express yourself and let those feelings out as you did. Not all of us have the ability to convey something like that or do something like that which means so much. But above all to see how he had the ability, maturity, strength and courage to overcome each of them with courage and success. 
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